Monday, March 17, 2008

God gives all

I've got really involved in blogging in the last few weeks and it fascinates me to find some of the sites I have. I'm encouraged to make a bolder stand on one issue. I am a Christian, and anyone is welcome people to know the fact. If they prejudge me because of it, so be it. If they find me more approachable because of it, better still. I'm really humbled by the dignified way some Christians declare their faith by posting psalms, Christian testimony and topical discussion of the subject. I find myself praying for people I've never met and may never meet in this world, but will know in the hereafter as it is sometimes called: the Kingdom of God. Perhaps one reason God let humanity develop the technology that makes the internet possible is because praying Christians can find and reach out to each other in a way not possible before. One thing I know: it is fascinating discovering and sharing with people in this way.

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