Friday, July 31, 2015

Wrong approach.

A study reported in the Australian press yesterday said that homosexual people  report lower levels of happiness in life than heterosexuals. The professor running the study said that this reflects on society, because, he says, it treats homosexuals badly. That was predictable, and I think honestly it shows the same blindness that people often do when trying to alleviate a problem. It could be that homosexuals are unhappy not because society makes them unhappy but because they are doing something that God did not intend when He made the human race. I know some people would attack me furiously for this but that's in God's hands.
Homosexuality is forbidden by God. The Bible says that. So to try living that way is to depart from the way of life God intended His children to live. Apparently there is no such thing as a homosexual type brain.
People want society to change to accommodate them. Society does not decree essential human nature and how life is supposed to be lived. The Divine did and does that. Flying in the face of it is futile. You can't reinvent the universe to suit a doctrine.
We need to seek God's way, not invent new ways to be and say it's about being modern. Some things are timeless.

Friday, July 17, 2015

They don't deserve to be here.

Like millions of others, I'm disgusted by the actions of a migrant to the United States who launched a coward terrorist attack and killed four U.S. marines. That person chose to enter the U.S. seeking permission to live there. The U.S. government accepted them, on behalf of the people of the nation, and in response this migrant turns on the place. They probably expect they will be welcome in Paradise as a hero. It is contemptible, not brave. If they were genuinely brave and heroic they could join an armed conflict and fight, not pretend to be a civilian non combatant and launch an ambush. It is pathetic hypocrisy to ask to live in a country and then turn on it. I can hear the usual sanctimonious do-gooders making their excuses, and I think that's all humbug. This was the act of a punk wanting to get a life by cheating, looking for a cheap and tinny way of being a hero. It is also treachery. When two other wanna-be heroes detonated the bomb at the Boston Marathon, a newspaper in Australia published a cartoon which I thought was worth keeping and framing. It showed the Statue of Liberty holding up the torch and calling on people to come to the new land, and two rats scampering in, taking the chance to get something they did not deserve. Well said! It is quite literally like asking for someone's help, getting into their home and then turning on them. I can see no excuse, nothing to be said in defence of those who do such a thing. We have the same problem in Australia. Migrants who needed Australia, it did not need them; and on being allowed to come here and take out citizenship they turn on the people of the country that gave them what it did not owe them. I wish the United States well in upholding the traditions that Western civilization is rightly acclaimed for, and that the world should be glad of: personal freedom, the rule of law not despots, and humanity towards others. I wish for the thwarting of those who would undermine the West with addle-headed stupidity and applaud those who attack it in the name of a doctrine that oppresses people. Like Australia and Britain, my two parent countries, the U.S. is not perfect and like other Western nations it has suffered through political correctness and left wing thinking compromising natural justice and common sense; but it still stands, and the tide might turn soon. God bless us all.