Saturday, March 1, 2014

What if it's true?

What if it's true?
 We saw a really sad event in N.S.W. Australia recently. A well known and widely liked T.V. presenter took her own life. In the last year or so she had taken a public stand against cyber bullying, having been a victim herself. She confronted the issue and some of the bullies involved. She suffered from appalling depression. It's a rotten thing to see. I suffer from depression, although medication keeps it under control, but I know how vile a thing it is - one of the devil's deadliest weapons. To some people this woman, who I will call C, is a victim of bullies. But there's more to it, we learn. C wrote in an autobiography that she terminated a pregnancy some years ago because her then partner was involved in the Olympic Games and they did not want the distraction. Now I'm not going to make judgemental comment, just ask a question that seems to need asking.
According to what the press has reported,  C began suffering depression at that time. The horrible affliction  that finally overcame her started with that event. Now I've heard that before: people who terminate pregnancies suffering acute depression afterwards. So it's too easy for a man to talk, some might say, but what if the statement is true: what if there IS a link between abortion and depression? Should that not be said just because some people don't like it?
It's an ongoing problem. Some things are true, but many people do not want them said.
Saying them can arouse the rage and hostility of many. This is political correctness, perhaps, or political censorship of opinions that certain self-styled judges do not think should be said. Some of the same thing has come up about climate change. One extremist said climate change denial should be considered a crime against humanity. 
Some  have not learned much from the days of Hitler, Stalin, or even the Spanish Inquisition. There are still those who think statements they don't approve of should be stifled.
What if it is true that abortion can leave an aftermath of depression? Would C still be alive if she had not done this?
All I'm going to say is: if a thing is true, perhaps we need to hear it whether or not it suits the political fashion of the time, or the political views of those in power, or who think they should be.
The outlook is grim.