Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cries for help

Reading some peoples' blogs has done wonders for my prayer life, and done a bit for my bible study, too. For obvious reasons I don't name names, but sometimes when I read the posts from people who are suffering hurt and going through trials, I just have to stop and pray for them. And there are times when I have to find a message from the Word to pass on. That's one of the things the Bible is there for, and I've found myself leafing through it finding a passage to type into someone's blog to try and help them when they're suffering. Sometimes I even wonder if I'm intruding on their privacy, until I recall that the blog is accessible unless they take steps to prevent it being so. It makes you think! Troubles shared are sometimes troubles halved; or perhaps when you share your troubles God will send someone to aid and comfort you. Certainly, when you hear what some people are suffering, it reminds you that you are well off.
Apart from that, the radiant witness that some people make of their blog posts leaves me feeling quite humble. I will learn by their example: let anyone who wants to know, see what you believe and where you are coming from. It is an incredible experience contacting some of the people that you do, reading their posts and hearing what they have to say. But of course any blogger knows that.

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Jenny B. said...

Thank you for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I often wonder if people look at it... Poetry is a strange thing. It's writing with fewer boundaries...