Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scared of Christians.

Does it ever seem that some people are scared of Christianity? The same principles of tolerance and freedom of thought and belief that apply to any other code of belief should apply to Christianity too, right? So what's the problem?
Suggested answer: huge vested interests are threatened by what Christianity teaches and stands for.
Stop and think what would happen if ninety percent of all people in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand became real Christians, and lived according to the Bible's teachings. Does it sound all good?
Are you sure?
If all those millions of people really lived like Christians, would there be a massive free fall in the consumption of alcohol? Christians do not have to be totally dry but they know to avoid heavy boozing and drunkeness. So guess which major industry would go into steep decline after a massive Christian revival.
If Christians are true to their faith, they do not use pornography, or use the 'sex industry' (that's the P.C. term for brothels and prostitutes, etc). Does anyone know how much money and business interest is tied up in that? I've got no idea, but I'm quite sure some affluent people would see their wallets thinning down if 'sex workers' and their agencies were suddenly all going out of business.
It doesn't stop there. Christians are much less likely to divorce, if both partners are real about their faith. Who makes money out of divorce?
Lawyers. The demand for their services could shrivel up super quick if several million people started living as the Word of God says, and stood by their marriage commitments.
Lawyers might lose another big cash cow, too. Christians are not perfect but if they treat others rightly and are treated rightly, they are less likely to be involved in law suits, civil or criminal.
Not that I should pick on lawyers. Some of them are honest and upright. So what about the entertainment industry? Would a Christian society make a multi-millionaire celebrity out of someone who bares their body on screen or in colour photographs? So think of any one who has become famour for raunchiness, rather than talent or merit, and ask where they'd be in a nation or culture which did not buy what they are selling - risque visual images.
Come to that, some members of the medical profession might see their earnings plunge, as well. I don't say that a Christian would never have plastic surgery, but would they have the extensive amount, at the extensive cost, incurred by some people for proceedures which include changing the way their navel looks? I've heard of a female entertainer doing that.
Even in regard to the essential, a society characterised by Christian behaviour would generate fewer motor accidents, stabbings, shootings, cases of sexually transmitted disease, industrial accidents caused by neglect and greed of those in charge, and liver diseases caused by alcohol. And you could add to that list. There would be less need for the services of doctors and nurses in casualty wards, not just cosmetic surgery practices.
In fact, Christians in massive numbers could give their nation such a shake up that you'd hardly know the place.
Might that be why some people get worried about it and sound off about Christianity? It is a threat to a lot of grimy vested interests and incomes, and even some honest ones.
If it happened, God would care for His own. But others might get the a frightful shock.
Some centuries ago, a Roman governor carried out a massacre of the Christians in his area because they were upsetting the local economy. They did not buy the silver idols used in the traditional worship that existed in that area. Christianity was bad for some peoples' business.
It is a sickening thing to hear, but it tells you a lot about the world.
Do you hate what drug dealers do? One way you can hurt them they have no answer to. Make sure you don't buy what they are selling. Pass the word.
Christianity can scare some people, all right. And that's even before they fall into the hands of an angry God.


Karin, RN said...

You tapped on a topic that can be very controversial. You are brave. I am a Christian, myself, a Catholic. I do wonder about people who chose to be pagans, some of them are children of Christians. I wonder if these people just don't like rules, to be guided by church. It must be a chaotic life to live without rules to live by. One just do whatever he wants. I try to avoid these people due to my own insecurity and lack of knowledge. I am born Catholic. This is the only religion I really know, yet, I do not know it all. From time to time, I still refer to my book, "Catholic for Dummies." I am afraid that if I confront the non-Christians, they will challenge me about creation--a topic I did not really go deep on because I BELIEVE. I do not waste time trying to understand why I shouldn't. Yes, if Christians follow the rules of being Christians, life will be more peaceful for everyone. That is a big IF though. There are some of us who doesn't follow for their own material gain.

Jamin said...

I've thought about this a little myself. If everyone did live as Christians, than imagine the enormous load of government we could remove. We could cut back on police, judges, etc.

I guess Christianity can be a threat to our society, but we have no intention of being a threat. Most of us want to see these people living better than they had before. So yes, we are a threat to people who want to hurt themselves.

I saw your link while going through Sapphira's blog, by the way.:)

Debbie C. said...

Thanks for reading my blog. I love your thoughts and insights. I will definitely be returning to chime in once in a while. Blessings~

Brianna said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Always nice to meet a fellow believer and book lover.
I'll stop by and check out your book soon!

God Bless!

Deborah said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog.I am always up for a good book. I will look for your book and read it. I hope you didn't think my picture was being cruel to my daughters. It actually was one of idea to put it on there like that.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog, I will certainly go and check out the book you suggested. Interesting topic you covered in this post, I have never really thought about it this way before..

Ian said...

The world is running on money, any way people can get it. That's the reason so many problems are caused in the world....and that's why people reject Christianity. They LOVE money, something the Bible warns against multiple times.

Of course, with masses upon masses of Christians, people might make HONEST livings, and less people might be living without anything. But so many people can't see past their own noses, so they don't realize that the world is more about THEM getting more money...*sighs*


Sapphira Adi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll look at those sample chapters soon! You did touch on a comment that I never really thought about if everyone became Christians how strange it could get. I suppose if everyone became a Christian it would result the things you mentioned in your post. This made me think quite a bit. Thanks again for the comment on my blog. God bless.


Suzanne said...

Thanks for reading my blog! Your book looks really interesting, thanks for the link. Great blog btw, I'll be stopping by again :)

The Mysterious Mr. L said...

Good post, unfortunately the time we live in is the one prophesied about in Revelation. The one before the end.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Agree with you, Jamin and Ian. (ps hi jamin and Ian)

Wow, I think you guys just said it all.

You posted on my blog a while ago, and I have your book on order right now actually and I should be getting it soon. I will read & post :)

Amber *YBT

Deep thoughts... said...

Interesting angle you followed with your discussion. Alcohol, tobacco, porn, gambling and sex trade industries would all suffer for sure. (That day will come sooner or later by the way). The subject merits discussion.

I suggest two main reasons that people are scared of Christianity: sin and hypocrisy. Galatians 5:17 says that the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the spirit. The world love it's sin, and no one wants to be told the things they love to do are immoral.

And dare I say, many believers also love their sin, which translates to hypocrisy. I know many people, both believers and non-believers who turned their backs on Christianity because of believers who preached one thing and lived another. (I'm even guilty of that myself at times).

Anyway, thought I'd chime in. Interesting discussion. Thanks Andrew

LisaM said...

this is so good. I'm glad you posted these thoughts publicly. Keep shining!

Blogger said...