Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Life is full of ironies. Just now, what comes to mind is this. There are times when people can really annoy you or upset you; you feel like writing them off completely. You can see why some humans become so alienated and angry. Then there are times when the same species, humans, fill you with joy and you can see why God loves them - enough even to become one for thirty three years, put up with all their stuff, and at the end of that time to die for them.
Working with people, or being around them in a school or workplace, you can see the best and the worst. Sometimes they can exasperate with what seems like their pure selfishness and folly. Yet at other times, when you see their best (or see them with a better attitude yourself? ) then you know why it says: we are fearfully and wonderfully made.
I would like to pay a compliment to some of the people I've found on the net, blogging and searching for other bloggers. The Christians in particular can be inspiring to meet; but that's not to say only the Christians. I should remember, all humans are made in the image of God. When they show their better self, they show what it is that makes Creation so awesome. Seeing what some people have to say, and the way they share life and thoughts, it is possible to keep up hope for the human race.
I do not want to condescend. Something I never want to be is a 'head patter', treating people as if they needed my approval. So please don't mind me saying this, because I really mean it. I've read peoples' blogs and found out about the burdens of pain they have to carry. There are people talking about on-going health problems, about bereavements they've been through; and on the positive side, their love for their children and friends, which can mean they sometimes suffer heartbreak. Just this last week several people have posted about the death of a little girl and called on prayer for the parents. They care! That makes one incredible difference! My own life has been a lot easier than many peoples, but as is the case with anyone I've had some miserable moments. Knowing that someone else feels your pain takes away the loneliness.
So I can see why the Bible uses such metaphors for people as Jewels in the Saviour's Crown.
This might sound sentimental, but remember: lack of respect for people, of concern for them, is the attitude that enables someone to deliberately hurt others. There were a number of mass shootings earlier this year, or late last year. Some of the shooters went on the record as saying they didn't consider their victims fit to live. To have that attitude is to not see the worth of people. Any lack of consideration for others' feelings is to lace appreciation of them. That attitude destroys.
So that's the irony. Human beings can make you angry, scared or other negative things. And yet they can leave you exhilarated, and full of joy as well.

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FiddleWiz said...

This is soooooo incredibly true! I have found this with my closest friends. We all make mistakes, and something will really hurt someone... while you are furious with them, you can't help but love them to the bitter end. Life really is weird sometimes.

Sometimes I wonder why on earth things happen. The human race can turn against its own kind and be so cruel; however, I find myself blessed each and every day by the incredible people in my life. The smallest things remind me that there is a God who loves us and that life is worth living!