Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sorry to hear about your travails.

If any browsers in the U.S. read this, I'd just like to say I'm sorry to hear about the wild weather and the damage it's done in parts of your country. I've been blessed in the way I've never been caught in a really deadly natural disaster - not that I'd want to tempt Providence by speaking too soon. I can remember when we had severe bushfires near my childhood home in northern N.S.W. and I was helping fight them; and several times I've been in an area that flooded. But I've never been injured or had my home trashed by it. It was a tale of wonder that the 11 month old baby survived, but sad that the mother did not make it. This is not an original thought, but one worth repeating. God can preserve us through the deadliest danger if He chooses to do so. I just hope that the people caught in it feel the hand of God uplifting them. I'll be glad if it never happens to our family, any of my friends, but you never know what can happen. What amazes me is the way some individuals can talk about their plans for this, their intentions to do the other thing, and there is no guarantee that we'll even be here tomorrow. For whatever it's worth, I was sorry to see some of the misery and mess that we saw in our news bulletins in Australia.

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