Friday, February 22, 2008

Caring for the helpless

I just heard a television report about the 'baby farming' that used to happen in the past. People used to make a living by taking in the children of single mothers, or other children whose parents either could not care for them or did not want them. The site of one of these baby farms is being excavated, and all these infant skeletons have been found buried in the grounds. I can't think of anything much more hideous and cruel than these helpless abandoned children dying because they were not properly fed or cared for! I can see why the Bible records that "Jesus wept." God must be appalled at the sheer cruelty that He sees going on in the world He made - and despite all the things He said to people about how to treat others! It is not a wonder that at one time He decided to destroy all life on the planet except for the family of Noah and the sample of animals He directed to be taken into the Ark! Human history is awash with the most evil cruelty. But I won't go the way of blaming God. I prefer to think that humanity needs to take responsibility and seek to do the right thing done. And if it's hard, so much the more reason to cry out to God for help with it. I wrote the novel, "Outcasts of Skagaray" because it was so appalling to think of helpless abandoned children crying out for help and none coming. We have to be there for each other, we humans, and not by staging loud ostentatious demonstrations or 'revolutionay acts of violence', but just by caring!

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Seven_Shades_of_Red said...

Whatever ye have done to the least of these, ye have done unto Me.---Jesus