Monday, June 6, 2016

It's here.

It's here.

If the internet is to be believed, then a church in Europe has removed the Cross from its front because the Cross, the symbol of Christianity, might offend Muslims. It's difficult for me to express the sheer contempt I feel for such craven sanctimony, denying the emblem of the Saviour to placate people who claim the right to take offence at other peoples' beliefs. But it's happening, the report says. The people responsible talk about conciliation, about seeking to live in peace with the migrants who have flooded into Europe, but that conciliation would be at the expense of peoples' right to hold their beliefs publicly.  Then the article explains that the 'pastor' who made that decision, a woman, is a lesbian activist. Claiming the authority of the church, wearing the traditional clerical collar, she denies the teachings of Christ and sets out to deny the church its mission, to speak the Word in truth.
The Abomination of Desolation is standing where it should not. That was foretold in the Book of Revelations. It seems to me that it's happening now. In a country which supposedly allows freedom of worship, Christianity is supposed to be muted and gagged. And in the name of the church, someone is advocating what the Bible rejects. The church is being subverted.
Perhaps this has happened before. We keep expecting the end to come, and yet we know that only God knows when the Second Coming will be. We can't claim to know the hour. But there are times when it seems to me that we must be in the end times.
Am I wrong? If anyone reads this, feel free to tell me what you think. But there is something right out of order about someone calling themselves a Christian leader and denying the proclamation of Christ, in the shape of the Cross marking a building as a church. And there is something quite wrong with a supposed Christian leader claiming the authority of the church to advocate for what God's word rejects.
What's going to happen in Europe? Will it collapse like the civilizations in the past, and enter a new dark age? I hope not. Or will people see the need to turn back to the true God and speak out? People in the West have had it pretty easy by the standards of this world, and it seems to have made them complacent, not grateful. Is this how God is calling them back to Himself? Or is it a sign that the end is near?


Marshall Art said...

First, in which European country did this lunacy take place? If you can provide a link to the story, I would appreciate it.

Secondly, this is clearly a false teacher. What more really need be said about it?

There does seem to be a push to set aside our own beliefs, much more our day-to-day practices that reflect our belief, for the sake of a particular group of people whose core teachings seek to eliminate our beliefs. This goes way beyond anything taught about respect for others and gets right to surrender of all one holds dear without so much as an argument or debate. It's rank cowardice and this woman, and "clerics" like her have no business pretending to stand as symbols or teachers of the faith. She's a disgrace and a tool of evil.

Andrew Clarke said...

It was in Sweden, I think. I found the story on You Tube when looking for details about clashes in Europe between Islam and Christianity. The minister who had the cross taken down is a female lesbian activist, and I don't think they should have the right to call themselves a Christian pastor.