Friday, July 31, 2015

Wrong approach.

A study reported in the Australian press yesterday said that homosexual people  report lower levels of happiness in life than heterosexuals. The professor running the study said that this reflects on society, because, he says, it treats homosexuals badly. That was predictable, and I think honestly it shows the same blindness that people often do when trying to alleviate a problem. It could be that homosexuals are unhappy not because society makes them unhappy but because they are doing something that God did not intend when He made the human race. I know some people would attack me furiously for this but that's in God's hands.
Homosexuality is forbidden by God. The Bible says that. So to try living that way is to depart from the way of life God intended His children to live. Apparently there is no such thing as a homosexual type brain.
People want society to change to accommodate them. Society does not decree essential human nature and how life is supposed to be lived. The Divine did and does that. Flying in the face of it is futile. You can't reinvent the universe to suit a doctrine.
We need to seek God's way, not invent new ways to be and say it's about being modern. Some things are timeless.

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