Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blood on our hands?

Just recently a young Australian named Jake joined the Daesh death cult calling itself IS. He left his home in Melbourne, got to the IS so called 'homeland' and became yet another young person who has been drawn to that that cause. The latest report alleges that he became a suicide bomber. Some of his blog posts indicate that he expected to die. So he's gone the same way as hundreds or thousands of youthful people, some of them from the U.S. or Australia or Europe, who've been consumed by the evil thing that claims to be retaking the world over in the name of God. There are those who find excuses for people who do this, and for Islamic terrorists generally, trying to argue that it's the Western world's fault, we've provoked them, and so on. I say humbug, I don't accept that at all. But I do have one observation to make. Jake Bilardi was sometimes bullied. He was pushed around and given a hard time, to the point where it seems it left him wanting to lash out and get back at the tormentors; and instead, he let himself be persuaded that he must die trying to change the world, by people who are worse than the tormentors who gave him a hard time. That's part of the wretchedness of it. The cause he took up is no improvement on the thing he wanted to change. Now I won't accept that it is everyone else's fault he made this choice. Millions of people suffer from the oafish and cruel treatment of others. They do not all decide to kill or maim and try to convince themselves they are doing something heroic in the process. But as soon as I heard, and saw evidence of this kid being bullied, I thought of others like Eric Harris and Dylan Kleibold who carried out the horrible mass shooting at Columbine High School; and others who have turned maniac mass murderer after being trashed and mistreated by those around them. It is TOO EASY to say they were driven to it, and it could insult them by suggesting that they are too simple to take responsibility for their actions and abide by moral choices like the rest of their society. For all I know, the people mentioned and others like them might have done something desperate even if they had not been aggravated. I can't tell and I won't accept that they are blameless victims. But one thing I know: when someone is bullied or trashed by people who do it just because they can get away with it, then those victimising them are doing evil and should be confronted by the fact. Human beings have a soul and a conscience. It is moral laziness and wickedness for them to push around and victimize someone they see as weaker, or someone they despise because that person does not impress them. They justify their behaviour by saying life is a competition and the cream rises to the top. SO DOES THE SCUM. People who win in this world and hold others in contempt would do well to read the parable of Rich Dives and Lazarus the beggar. Dives had plenty in this world, and did not care for those who were starving. Dives went to Hell and the beggar who starved went to Heaven. Those who misuse those they are able to misuse will answer to God. The day is coming. God will make people realize what they refused to accept in this life. Come again Lord Jesus.

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