Wednesday, April 8, 2009

That which endures

In Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" Romeo says of his friend Mercutio, "He jokes at scars that never felt a wound." In modern English, 'he makes light of things when he has never suffered anything like them.'
Well, the world's full of that. Just one example is people trashing Christians because they want to believe things that are 'too good to be true.' They want to believe that people who die in this life will be alive again, and perfectly safe, in the next. They want to believe that nothing good is really lost, only taken away from us for a while.
Right - you can trash me too for that. I really love to think that some day our family will see the child we lost, in Heaven. One day we will see people we miss because they have gone from this world; and in the next where they won't ever be taken away again. Who would NOT like to see that? And when people ridicule that hope they are denying that we ALL miss things that are lost. That's only human.
It is just as well that we CAN believe in that. Life would reduce you to despair otherwise. People who will not accept that hope must be good at denying their feelings about certain things, trying to pretend they handle grief and loss better than they do. And when things get bad, there can be a change of heart. After the Twin Towers horror, there was an increase in church attendance and things commitment to permanent relationships. When something can be lost, we realize we miss it and want to believe that there is something more than the fragile world. If you want to try and rely on the world for your hope and joy, you might as well trust in a papier-mache umbrella. Anytime at all it could crumble.
It's been a shocking few days! Several mass shootings, an earthquake in Italy...there's not point in going on. We get the point. I'm praying that Easter can still be a happy time for people. Whoever reads this, I honestly wish you peace and joy in Christ. We're being shown at a time like this that there really isn't any thing or one in this world you can totally and utterly rely on. It or they could be taken away, so easily.
I speak with respect for people's feelings. It's too easy to lecture here about things I don't appreciate the way other people do. But it must be faced up to. Some of the buildings, even a whole town, destroyed by the earthquake in Italy were examples of Renaissance architecture, valued parts of Europe's heritage. Losing them is not as cruel as losing the people who died, but to those who value the relics of the past then it's another blow. What has stood for so long and is valued, has been lost in a few moments. It would be cruel to speak lightly about it, and not recognize the distress here. But what does it show?
Nothing in this material world is forever. Thousands of people have been fascinated by things like the Coloseum, the Parthenon, the pyramids; and we're reminded that they can be gone in a few seconds. If you pinned your reason for living on them, then you're at risk! Trust me. I was not always a Christian, and it used to really hurt me when something I liked was lost, (even something no-one else could see any value in) or a person I was attached to either left the world altogether or moved so that they weren't around anymore.
I HAD to know there was more to believe in. Everything of this world passes away. Even if it's lasted hundreds of years and been known to generations, like the pyramids of Egypt, will be gone at some time. If that's all you see value in, then complete loss of hope is in sight.
Jesus said "Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away." We can see all things of the Earth passing away while we watch. Did you ever feel as is you were marooned on a little island that was gradually being eroded by the water around it, and soon you would be left with nothing firm to stand on? I've had that feeling! Just ONE hope exists.
The things of the Spirit are not swept away. The Word of God is forever.
Several times in the last few years, I found myself facing something seriously stressful over Easter. One was a crisis at work, another involved a person being injured. It could have 'spoilt the holiday' but it had the effect of pushing me back closer to God.
Is this what's going on now?
It's pure horror reading about the shootings, which happen when people lose hope and blow up in desperation and rage; the earthquake, the things we cannot control fall on us. I've never been in an earthquake. I was uncomfortably close to a bushfire once, and that was bad enough.
I won't make light of other people's hurts. What has to be remembered is, nothing in this world endures and can be counted on completely.
God is forever, and if He chooses to protect you miraculously you could be caught in a bushfire and not even scorched. Remember Shadrach, Meshak and Abednego? You could be dropped in the sea and yet survive. You could go get caughtin a fearful gunfight and yet survive. Or if you do not, then you cease to live in THIS body and this world, and go to another one. We believe (or I should say KNOW) that Jesus died in the body. Proof existed of His body's death. But He reappeared, completely alive and able to tell the disciple Thomas to examine the wounds for himself.
This is that which endures, He who endures. Jesus is forever and He takes hold of His own and prevents their destruction, even as every physical thing is passing away.
God be with us all.


Jeffrey Weeks said...

the absence of hope is truly the worst state to live in.

positive thinking and faith rarely make anything worse!

Greg said...

Hi, Andrew! As Jesus said, "Save up treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust do not corrupt and thieves cannot steal." And yet it's so easy to get attached to things and people here, because we are still trapped in these material bodies, in a material world.

JMMEE said...

An excellent reminder to those of us who trust Christ and an invitation to those who do not to consider life with Him - He is our only constant.
Well written words, Andrew.
Easter Blessings!

Nitewrit said...


There are people who say they disbelieve in God vecause of these tragedies and disasters, how utterly sad. If they reject God, what is left them but hopeless misery. We who hold to the truth as our hope, need ever to think of those who are lost, whether they have lost in this world or not, so they do not lose out on the next.

My wife had lunch yesterday with a friend who has family in that part of Italy and she has not been able to contact them. Pray for them.

A well-written post.

It is April 12, a day that guarenteed real hope for all men if they would believe. have a joyful day.

Christ is risen.

Larry E.

Sapphire Lucy said...

Hi Andrew,

I have read The Outcasts of Skagaray and posted my review on my blog.

Good job. Thanks for recommending your book to me.

Farrah said...

I am so grateful for Jesus, and what He has done for me. :-) The evidence of God is overwhelming. The countless stories of miracles, the changed lives, the joy and peace I personally have experienced. It is sad that people allow themselves to believe a lie, that there is no God and no eternal life. But some of them come around. My husband was atheistic at one point, and today he is a strong Christian. :-)

Tamela's Place said...

Amen Andrew another very inspiring post! We have a hope outside of this world and knowing that brings me great comfort!


Nitewrit said...


My new home page is I see what you saw. I went to my old address and I think Greg at Jesus is Wonderful had it right in a email he sent me. My site was grabbed by somebody the day in expired hoping they could sell it back to me. Well, they are out of lick. I don't have any money and I'm not in business with my Blog. Makes me a bit angry, though. Anyway, glad you can still find me.

Larry E.

Deep thoughts... said...

Hi again Andrew. I agree with you about people trashing Christians because we believe things that are too good to be true. In fact, it made me snicker. I'm taking General Psychology at a local college this quarter and the Professor never misses a chance to take a shot at Christians. The other day he riduculed Christians who believed the rescue of the US Cargo ship's Captain was miraculous; but then the next day he himself referred to the healing of his own sudden onset of blindness a couple years ago as miraculous. I really wanted to say something about his previous statements, but the only thing I could think of to say wouldn't have been very nice to say outloud.

Anyway, Jesus is truly forever and in Him we have hope; and all is not lost! Thanks again for a thought provoking post.