Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who says?

Back a while now, there was a furore in Germany because women claimed they were being forced into prostitution. How it happened was this. If a woman was unemployed, before she claimed benefit payments she must take any job available to her. And there were 'vacant positions' for 'sex workers', meaning the people who ran the industry were trying to recruit women to work in it. So the logic went, that a woman who could find no other work would have to do that.
This sounds like a mad mixture of political correctness and beauracracy. Political correctness says that you must not value judge an occupation or the people who do it, as long as it is legal. Therefore you can't condemn prostitution or those who work as prostitutes, because it is legal in that nation, and you shouldn't condemn it. Then beauracracy says, there is a form of employment you can go into so you cannot claim unemployment benefits.
Could this be the sort of outrageous stupidity that arises when we are not allowed to claim Christian morality? We can only judge by what the law says, and who says the law has got it right? A person is not allowed to insist that prostitution is degrading, and refuse to do it; that would be 'value-judging'. This is what can happen when a nation becomes so secularized that Christian teaching is considered inappropriate.
There are reasons accepted for declining a given job, such as being claustrophic and not suited to coal-mining. But personal morality is more complicated. Those opposed to a moral position call it 'value judging', or 'bigotry', or whatever they think will intimidate. And this is the problem a secular society has when it tries to frame its laws without admitting such things as spiritual belief. Come to that, not only Christian people might be horrified at the idea of prostitution. So we need to get back the right to say, a thing is wrong if it offends the Laws of God. We need to stand on our faith and not let our Christian stance be argued away by 'clever' commentators deriding it as 'personal' or 'bigotry' And law-makers must never be allowed to override that.


Ben said...

You're absolutely right in what you say here. Political correctness so often sets out to "help" people and instead winds up stabbing them in the back. Thankfully, in the US we don't have legalized prostitution but the same problems and attitudes exist.

When I read about this stuff, it's encouraging to me to remember the faithfulness of God. He's promised to build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. God is faithful. The Church has survived evil like this in the past and, if Jesus tarries in His return, it will survive this too.

Kentucky_apple said...

Hi Andrew,

I saw your post on my
Thoughts fled to the paper from the mind. I just wanted to thank you for your comment.Also I have a Blog that I write on when I get the chance that I provided the link for you if you so choose to visit it.

I enjoyed reading through your post here on your Blog. We do , as Christians, children of God, need to take a stand for Him and His values as His values should be our own. I am glad to see that you are not afraid to stand for the Word of God, for the Lord Jesus Christ. I have not yet checked out your writings on but rest assured that I do intend to do so soon. Continue to work for the Lord and spread His Word.


Marshall Art said...

As Ben suggested, such things occur here in the US of A on a different level. I can't speak for Ben's state, but here in the People's Republic of Illinois, home of stalwart socialist, Barry Obamanable, a pharmacist is oblidged to dispense morning after pills and other abortofacients even if the pharmacist believes it conflicts with his Christian beliefs to do so. Others in the medical field, of which logic dictates pharmacists are a part, can be exempted from procedures that conflict with their religion. Federal funding gets pulled from those faith based organizations that won't play ball. I believe it was Catholic Charities that got out of the adoption game due to troubles over not wanting to provide orphans to homosexual and lesbian couples.

It's worse than political correctness. It the fascistic disregard for one's Constitutionally protected right to express themselves religiously.

Democracy Lover said...
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