Friday, April 4, 2008

The good and the bad. Heads and tails.

I read once that the Israeli army used to send men and women into combat side by side, with no distinction between the genders; and had to change that policy. They found that in combat, the male soldiers would instinctively try to protect the female ones, to the point where it distracted them from following orders. So Israeli female soldiers no longer go into combat. There is much more to this than mens' macho attitudes or possessiveness. Some instincts are built right into a human being. They are part of the way that a human is made in the image of God. And these things in human nature can reflect the glory of God, or be distorted by sin.
It is a really deep seated instinct in a person to drink when they are thirsty. It is not a matter of training or learned reaction, it is a compulsion to do what is needed to survive. The same goes for acquiring the things we need to survive, like shelter and food. If it becomes distorted by sin then it is greed, and can go to the extreme of stealing. But up to a point it is only the gathering of manna as God directed His people to do in the wilderness.
The same goes for protecting those we care for. That to is an instinct, deep in the human psyche. Parents will put their lives at risk, even die, protecting their children if need be. That is a God-given impulse.
And in the same way, men have a God given instinct to protect women, especially those close to them.
It can be a problem sometimes. Did you ever have the feeling that your parents were being over-protective, and not letting you do things you wanted to, because they were concerned for your safety? Very likely, yes. Sure, there are such things as parents who are control freaks, and they can be seriously annoying. But any parent of good conscience has a God given instinct, deep in their spirit, to protect children. And men have the same impulse to protect women. Some men might be over possessive and controlling. And when a man's nature becomes perverted by sin, they may try to exploit women. An evil man wants to victimize a woman, taking advantage of her physical vulnerability by forcing his attentions on her. That is the mentality of the rapist. But a man of good conscience may feel protective towards women, without going to the extent of smothering her. It can annoy a woman if she feels stifled, or treated possessively. But it is important to understand that when God made us He gave the man an impulse to shelter and protect the woman, to love and care for her, not stiflingly or cruelly but givingly. The hard line feminists who call it male chauvinism if a man offers a woman help are denying the God given nature of humans. Certain of their instincts are not merely cultural, they are inate and should be understood and treated properly.

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Laura Leigh Dobson said...

just replying to your comment on my blog. :) Thank you for the book recommendation. I will certainly look into it.
I did not mean to say in my post that coffee is bad, i've read of its benefits as well. I simply woke up one morning and lost my overwhelming desire for the stuff. It is a mystery.
Btw, I enjoyed skimming you blog and I completely agree with your last post.