Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What's coming next?

Christmas this year was fab. because we had a family gathering and everyone just got on well. We lost my father last year, but the rest of us got together at my mother's home. Liz and myself, all five of our children. my brother and sister in law. And we all got on well. That was an answer to prayer. I can see why some people dread Christmas. We're all supposed to show the Season of Goodwill spirit and sometimes it can be hard. Our family have been praying that Australia, the U.S. and the U.K. will see a great revival. Trying to show the Christian spirit without the help of the Holy Spirit is more than many people can manage in their own strength. So heres hoping the Lord is active in the world this year. I keep thinking about what I want to write, too. There are ways you can lift people out of their day to day reality by showing them something better, something that could be. All my life I've enjoyed getting lost in a good story, and if it's a really good one it can leave you with something to bring back with you when you have to put it down and come back to this present dimension. I've been on medication for depression since having to give up work, and one thing that can lift me out of it is imagining the action in a story I'm going to tell someday. I love a good movie - check my profile and you'll see some of the ones I really like - and it's possible to make up my own, and view them in my mind. And when the tiem is rifght I'll put them down in book form.

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